Almost like a scientist

Just a few minutes ago, my five year old daughter began a very inquisitive conversation with me.

Daughter "Good job, daddy! You're so smart. Almost like a scientist!"
Daughter "Oh wait, you are a scientist, aren't you?"

Me "Well... yeah! I'm a 'Computer Scientist'."

Daughter "Ahhh. I thought you were a REAL scientist."

Man, I love what she has to teach me. "Always keep it simple, find joy in what you are doing, and never fear being blatantly honest."

I've had a variety of careers in my life: pizza delivery specialist, computer lab assistant at UNO, government contract application developer, ESL teacher in Japan, engineer and then project manager at Microsoft Japan, manager then chief architect at a logistics software ISV in Asia, etc.

I love working with people, I am passionate about technology, I know that Microsoft rocks, and more than any job I have ever done, I enjoy being a developer.

It's with this in mind that I am picking up Adam Barr's bold declaration I am "Proud to be a Developer".