Subsonic - this is pretty cool stuff and it seems to have matured quite a bit in the last year-or-so.

DB Independent dynamic query generation

  • Similar to LINQ for SQL, but it's DB-independent
  • Pagination support
  • Results as DataReader / DataSet / Scalar
  • Params are used to aviod SQL Injection
SPROC code gen
  • Generates classes to call sprocs in a type-safe manner
  • Implementation of the Active Record pattern
  • Code is generated from DB tables or views, so reflection performance hits should be minimal
  • Does not rely on third party O/R mapper, which is different from the Castle + NHibernate active record implementation.
Definitely not as flexible as LLBLGen Pro, but free & great if you want to work with dynamic queries and DataReaders instead of full-blown entity objects.